Jinja is the most popular place to visit in Uganda and here is why:

1. Going on adventure

The most popular reason is the adventures activities you can do.
You can go rafting, ziplining and tubing. Choose how much of a daredevil you are!
If you want extreme adventure, go for rafting! The wild water of Jinja will certainly be a good experience. Want some more low-key adventure: go for tubing. This is the more relaxing variant from the rafting. Not afraid of Hight? Go for ziplining in the forest! Adrenaline kick guaranty!

2. Nature

Jinja is full of beautiful nature. Go walk in the forest. Go for a hill/rock climbing. Visit a sugar plantation or enjoy the lake Victoria. Nature is all around you in Jinja and you can enjoy the nice and green atmosphere. If you are lucky you will see some wild animals as well!!

3. Shopping

More in to shopping? Then is Jinja also the place to be. With different malls and places to buy anything you want. Just walk around the city center and visit some local shops. Go to the central market and enjoy some local fruits. Or buy some crafts at arts studio.


4. Biking

For a active day you can go biking! And no not like just relaxing biking in the city center.
I’m talking about Mountain biking. Go for a wild ride and see Jinja in a whole different perspective! Fun guarantied!

5. Relaxing

After shopping biking and all the adventure, it’s time for some relaxation.
You just want to chill by the water? Then you can also go to Jinja.
Sit back and enjoy the beautiful Lake Victoria. Just from the land side.
Or if you want relaxation on the water, then book a cruise! Sit back and relax and see the source of the Nile. Maybe you’re lucky and see some wild animals in the water!
So after all the wild rides it’s time to just do totally nothing!
So what is holding you back?? Go for a trip to Jinja by trawilsstours.

A place for everyone!