Going on a groups trip can be a little scary. Especially when you are alone.
Here are five reasons why you should go on a groups trip:

You meet new people:

How much fun is it to meet new people. When you are all together on a trip you have something in common:
You both like traveling and you are curious to see the country of the trip you’ve booked.
Before you go on the trip there is a possibility to be in a whatsapp group so you can meet already the people.
Still a little bit scared? Ask a friend to join you!!

You see places you’ve never seen before:

Going on a group trip means you will see places that you’ve never seen before. Especially when you go with a local guide,
The local guide can show you the local places. Sometimes they will bring you to their house and cook for you a local meal!

You meet local people:

That brings us to the next point: You will meet local people. A local guide means local friends and family. That means you can have the full cultural experience. So skip the tourist stuff and do what the locals do! You will get the full experience of the country you visit!

You don’t have to think about what’s next, that’s the job of the guide:

Don’t plan but just go with the flow!! You have no worries at all you just follow the group! The timetable is already on the site so you know what’s next. The only thing you have to do is be on time at the bus hop on and discover a new place.

It is safe:

Traveling in a group is much more safer than when you travel alone. The guide knows de good places but also the places that you don’t want to visit… They can give you advice on what to wear how to act etc.

So GO ON!! And book your next trip right now!