When people come to an other country, they are always afraid of eating the street food.
But i can guaranteer you: If you say you want it fresh, then they make it fresh for you!!

And here are some of my favorite street foods:

What I like the most about Uganda is that you can find lot’s of fruits and veggies just ready to eat from the street.
But you can’t find all the foods all the time. It depends if you are on the street in the morning, afternoon or evening…


Morning time is for porridge (it is maize flour with water or milk cooked)
But you can also find some snacks for teatime:
Like fried or cooked cassava, or Kabalagala (Ugandan pancakes.)
The chapatti’s are there as well, but since it’s morning, they are just starting to prepare it.
But you can buy already a chapatti.

The most Ugandan people are eating local food in a local restaurant, but you can find some street food as well.
You can find kikomando or rolex. Both made with a chapatti. Kikomando is Chapatti with beans and the second is chapatti with egg rolled like a wrap. You can also find some fries or left-overs from the morning…

Mostly after 6pm the street comes alive. You can find local food on the street, Like rice, posho (maize flour), sweet patato and yam cooked with beans or meat. But also just cooked pumpkin, sweet potato or yam.
You can find lots of fries and my favorite: grilled maize!!

More in for a snack: you can buy popcorn on the street as well!! Freshly popped for you!!
Or sweet tooth? Buy some sugar cane!! That’s a whole different experience!

So enough choices, whether you eat vegan, meat or fish. You can find anything!!