Of course it depends where you are traveling to but some things are always nessecary to bring with you during traveling:

Passport and Visa:

First of all: A passport: Without a passport you can’t enter another country. When you go by plane they don’t allow you without a passport.

Same is a visa. The reason the Visa is not included on the trawillstours trip is because it depends from which country you’re coming from. For example: I’m from the Netherlands living in Uganda at the moment. When I’m joining the trip to Zanzibar from Trawillstours, I should get an other visa. But when you are from Uganda you don’t need it.

Travel plug:

Not every country has the same plug. So it is good to check it before you go!! So you can still charge your devices in the other country.

Creditcard/world card/cash

 Make sure your cards are on world wide when you’re traveling. You can check that at your bank account. Creditcards are more easy because they are accepted in the whole world. But you can also bring cash with you and exchange it in the country you visit. Downside of that is that it is more dangerous to walk around with cash and when your cash is over you can’t pay anything anymore.

Earplugs and/or sleepmask

If you are a light sleeper. Earplugs and a sleep mask are a must. You don’t know who the neighbours in your hotel are. Or how good the curtains keep the light from the morning sun in your room. When you sleep in a hostel you will sleep in a room with more people and a roommate that snores is not good for a good sleep….

 Enough but not to much clothes

 It depends how long you go and to what climate, but bring enough clothes with you.

At the same time don’t bring to much. You don’t want to carry to much weight with you since you want to change outfit every meal… Bring a sweater with you, although there are some climates that are still warm during night, you don’t want to stand for a surprise…

 A camera

 Nothing more fun then the memories afterwards!! Nowadays the phones have a good camera as well! So make sure you have enough space on your phone to shoot amazing shots! And don’t forget to bring a powerbank with you so you’ll have enough battery to shoot some good memories.

And I hope you will make good memories because that’s the most fun part of traveling!!