Dubai is amazing, it has a variaty of desert and big buildings.
You can find big buildings fast sub ways and lots of luxury.

Go shopping in one of the big malls or go on a cruise to discover Dubai from the water.
More a nature fan?? You can go to the desert if you want by food or by camel.
Or more an adventure seeker?? Go for quad driving in the dessert. That will give you the ultimate adrenaline kick!

Not afraid of hight? Go climb the highest building of the world!

Since Dubai is THE city of all the world records, it should be on your bucket list. The highest buildings, the fastest subways and the most incredible pools. Beautiful shopping malls. Amazing sahara, beautiful blue sea…. You will love Dubai and all his amazing views.

Want to visit Dubai for a good price?

We provide a nice trip from de 21st of july till the 25th of july. We can guaranteer that it would be a trip that you will never forget!!